2018/19 Guidelines, Rules & Scoring

General Guidance & Rules For Event Organisers & Planners, with some minor updates for the new 2018/2019 season.

Competitors – please check individual organising clubs website for specific info about each event.


All NNC events should aim to follow the same timings.
Registration from 5:45pm.
Starts from 6 – 7pm, courses close 8pm

Missing cut off times. Failure to return by the 8pm cutoff causes safety problems and inconvenience. We appreciate that this sometimes occurs accidentally. Nonetheless the Series Organiser reserves the right to ask any competitor who misses the 8pm cutoff to enter a shorter course or to start nearer 6pm at subsequent Northern Night Cup events.


All NNC events should follow the charging structure below:

Orienteering club members

Senior: £6.00
Junior: £3.00

Non club members

Senior: £7.00
Junior: £4.00

SI Card hire: FREE (replacement charge to be determined by each club)

£1 honesty box donation for soup.

Event entries

All events registered with British Orienteering as Local and open for pre-entries in plenty of time please.


See also rule for “Juniors” below. We know these issues can be contentious! We have tried hard to draft rules that are inclusive, safe and fair. If you have any comments we are keen to hear them. Anyone is welcome to run in pairs or be “shadowed” on any course. Everyone in the group / pair must however declare themselves “non-competitive” to the organiser when you turn up on the night. Your time will appear as normal in the results but you will not score points in the overall league.
Some adults may want to shadow a junior on one course and subsequently have their own run alone on a longer course. This is fine (provided you are fit enough to get round before the last start / courses close time!) but again please declare yourself “non-competitive” to the organiser so that you will not score points in the overall league as you will have gained a competitive advantage by running round the short course.
NB for ease organisers should use the “non-competitive” option in SiTiming/AutoDownload and have a column for it on printed registration forms.


Juniors are warmly welcomed at all events. Parents should however be aware that winter night orienteering can be a serious undertaking. Therefore juniors who have not turned 14 on the day of the event must run together with an adult. Any parent wishing to gain exemption from this rule is welcome to provide evidence of their child’s competence at night orienteering to the Organiser of each event. This is in keeping with British Orienteering Rule 5.2.4.

NEW for 2018 / 2019: Juniors over the age of 14 are welcome to run unsupervised, provided their parents are happy for them to do so. With the Short course no longer being available, parents and juniors should be aware that the easiest course on offer (Medium) will offer considerable technical challenge. Please don't attempt to run this course alone until you are certain that you are going to have a fun and safe experience.


A spare torch & whistles strongly recommended at all events. It is very unpleasant and potentially dangerous to have your only torch fail in a dark corner of the forest (just ask the Series Organiser...) Random kit checks may take place. An extra top layer and high-vis reflective clothing may also be sensible choices. 

Course Planning Guidelines

NEW for 2018 / 2019: the Short category will no longer be offered as part of the Northern Night Cup. This decision has been taken after consultation with all 3 clubs in view of very low numbers in previous seasons, and to simplify event organisation going forward. Individual event organisers / planners are more than welcome to put on a short course if they wish, but the results from that course will not form part of the overall series scoring.

All planners please test run at least some legs at night before finalising courses.

Where possible, the medium and long courses should ideally loop back towards the finish at around 2/3 total distance. This is especially important for the long. This gives competitors an easy option to retire.

All NNC events use Silva reflective kites. Planners should generally site the control on the far side of a feature from the likely direction of attack. It is easy to spoil an otherwise well-planned leg because the reflective strips are visible from hundreds of metres away. There are two identical sets of 30 x kites, marked 'NNC' and stored throughout the year in the BASOC store. Each planner may use up to 30 x controls per event, so that the two sets can be used at alternate events. This way controls don't have to be collect and handed over to the following week's organisers straight away.

Planners please beware the risk of trains developing. This can easily happen at night with short start intervals and powerful headtorches. This can all too easily spoil the orienteering experience. Planners should consider using a spread of controls, particularly at the start of the medium and long courses.

  • Medium – Night TD4, estimated winning time 35 minutes for a W50/M60.
  • Long – extension to or variation on the Medium course, Night TD5, estimated winning time 35 minutes for a M/W 21/35.

NB: darkness increases Daytime TD3 to Night TD4, Daytime TD4 to Night TD5, and so on. Therefore, for example, the Medium course should approximate to the planning criteria for a Daytime Long Orange course.


99 points for the winner at each event, 98 for second, 97 for third and so on. 0 points for a mispunch or DNF.

The planner of each event gets a score equal to their highest score achieved by actually competing in the same NNC series. These are designed to be low-key events so it would be usual for the Planner to also act as Organiser. However if there is a separate Organiser s/he can also ask to have their volunteering counted for the same points as the Planner.

The best 4 of 6 scores will count.

We will once again be using o-results.net to provide the series results. Thanks go to Andrew Dalgleish for providing this service.


There will be a random prize draw at the end of series party. You will be eligible for a prize if you have turned up to a least 4 of the 6 events, and if you are actually present at the end of series party! In addition there may be prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd in each category – details to follow.


No age or gender categories, just medium & short. Special prize for most improved orienteer. Pairs or shadowed runners are not eligible for prizes in any category. 

20th Sep 18

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