Str8 Compass

NNC Supporter

Developed over 40 years of orienteering, combining precision and accuracy in every element to provide the best experience for an Orienteer who pursues excellence at every step.

A compass seems like a fairly simple product to produce but the technology of making one is quite complex. The single most challenging element is achieving the optimum performance of the needle, the balance between speed and stability is critical. The influencing factors are almost infinite, capsule dimensions and movement, fluid viscosity, needle shape & dynamics, pressure rates and more. Breaking this barrier was my happiest moment and I still remember the exact moment and place I knew I had got it right. It was in a really interesting forest on a sloping hillside, I went straight through some low visibility terrain strewn with rocks, popped out exactly where my compass told me and punched the air with genuine glee, and then the control!

24th Nov 18

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